Tripp Speaks

Did I mention Tripp reads my blog? Tripp reads my blog. Tripp read my post yesterday and decided he had a few things to say about it.

It’s a good thing for Doc that he told me in person before he posted anything. I’d have been upset to find out what he was feeling about this in a blog. Having said that, I didn’t notice Doc was avoiding sex because I’ve had a cold. I don’t think about his cock that much. Just because he thinks about it all the time doesn’t mean that I do. He’s right that I’ve been letting him cum more often, because he can get really annoying when I don’t. I don’t let him cum that much, he just thinks I do. He knows it’s up to me and I am the one who decides whether he cums or not. He told me he wanted me to own his cock, so he has no say in the matter. Doc wants me to deny him for an entire year. Based on the last time, I’m not sure I could put up with it that long. I’ll think about it. I think a month or two is probably good enough for him.

I don’t know what he means by annoying. Personally, I’d be flattered if my husband was pawing at me and humping my leg every day. But yes, dear, my cock belongs to you and you get to do with it whatever you want. I also got the XXXL plug today, because my ass also belongs to him and he wants me to remember that. With over two pounds of aluminum in my ass, I can assure him I do.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

3 thoughts on “Tripp Speaks

  1. I love that your husband reads your blog and has his say. I winced at the mention of the weighty XXXL plug. I was, temporarily lost for words although I can imagine you were not. I think “Thank you, dear” is probably the appropriate verbal response to such a significant reminder of ownership.


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