The Deal

Tripp and I have been going back and forth on the subject of my orgasms. Seriously, only in a chastity relationship do the words “would you please stop letting me come” get uttered. Tripp likes to see me come, which I suppose is great in a “normal” relationship. I would prefer to be denied. It’s funny how I’ve gone from wanting to come all the time to never wanting it.

We’ve discussed my feelings about denial. I’ve tried to describe to him how much I like it and want it. I think he has some trouble wrapping his head around it. Also, he thinks it’s healthy for me to come more often than I would like.

Tripp owns my cock and can do whatever he pleases with it, but he does take my feelings into account. After all, this is supposed to be fun for both of us. Tripp has fun making me come, so I’m not going to deny him that. As he has mentioned, he thinks I get too needy when I’m denied for a while. To be fair, I do. I have an overwhelming desire to be hurt or fucked, and he’s not always up for it. It’s a pressure release valve for me, but he feels it puts pressure on him.

The deal we’ve struck is that he won’t make me come more than once a month, unless it’s a special occasion (like he wants my actual penis in him). Extending the denial period is up to me. If I get too needy, he’s going to give me an orgasm. If not, I can stay come free. I’m not allowed to ask him not to make me come. He’s also letting me work my ass with a dildo whenever I feel the need. Luckily, his dick is in a drawer. I think that will help significantly. I feel this arrangement is eminently fair, but it does feel a bit like going back to masturbating on my own, except there will not be an orgasm. I suppose I had the fantasy that once I was locked, Tripp would magically want to have sex all the time. I wanted all my sexual pleasure to come from him. In reality, Tripp often doesn’t feel like having sex. I think he enjoys not having to deal with my penis poking at the back door all the time. Now, instead of wanting to come, I want him to tease me all the time, which he finds annoying. I have a higher sex drive than he does. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to get sex as often as I would like and the dildo arrangement is a good compromise. Orgasms are still solely his purview and I am going to try not to view them as punishment.

We’ll see how this goes. If I’m a good boy, then perhaps my orgasms will be few and far between, but if I get one, that’s fine too.

Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

3 thoughts on “The Deal

  1. Reading this particular post reminds me so much of Lion’s Male Chastity Journal, which I like reading. I feel the push and pull between you and your husbands needs, your dominant nature still wanting to assert itself to get what you want. There is so much here that I cannot get my head round: I understand the desire for denial but if it is endless where is the incentive/reward? (or is denial its own reward?); why is masturbation still on the table (figuratively speaking)?; if you get needy and need release shouldn’t it be Sir that vents it without putting further demands on Tripp?; And if Tripp loves watching you come and your cock is his then surely you must give him what he wants, when he wants? Boy you really make me think! (I am smiling now as I ponder on all this because I know it will jog me into thinking later about my own relationships which need working through; so thanks for your help. Oh, and btw? you sound just a teeny bit whiney on this subject. LOL. Just saying. I may be wrong….).


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