New Boots

I’ve always wanted a pair of Paul Bond cowboy boots. I think they’re stunning, but they’re also expensive. I’ve looked at them and drooled over them for years. For whatever reason, the fates aligned and I happened to look on eBay and there they were; brand new, exactly as I would have designed them, my size, and for sale. I suspect they were an order for a customer that backed out, because most of their boots are bespoke. I put an offer in at about 33% below the asking price for shits and grins, and it was accepted! I paid the man and my boots were shipped out.

My boots arrived yesterday. I was out in the yard FaceTiming with some friends when they arrived. Tripp (I didn’t tell him I bought them) got them from the FedEx guy, and because we are being extra cautious lately, he unpacked the box and discarded it. When I came back inside, he told me some gorgeous boots had arrived and as I was starting to explain about buying them, told me to shut up and put them on, which I immediately did. He admired them, told me how much he liked them, and then told me to put on my chaps and jock. You don’t need to tell me twice, so I hurried upstairs to change.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I have just a little bit of a thing for boots. Boots are sexual to me, and cowboy boots particularly slay me. I have always loved them for as long as I can remember. These boots have everything…black with a pointed toe, 17 inch shafts, and a 2 1/4 inch underslung heel. I shimmied into my jock and chaps as well as a leather tank and the boots, of course. You can see the boots here. Oh, and here’s the whole outfit.

Tripp came upstairs and told me to just stand there. I stood stock still as he walked around me and inspected what he saw. “Don’t move” he said as he walked away. He returned with my largest plug, wrist restraints, and poppers. He had me bend over and he removed the current plug and replaced it with the monster. I needed poppers to get that plug in, but in it went. He was relentless in pushing it into me. The restraints were placed on my wrists and they were shackled behind my back. As I stood there, bound and plugged, Tripp kissed me hard and deep and started beating my balls. I was leaking like a sieve and moaning like a cheap whore.

“Do you like me like this?” I asked. “Fuck yes”, he replied with the evil little chuckle he has when he dominates me. “I like you like this very much”, he said. Tripp is glorious when he is in full Dom mode. Tripp in full Dom mode without any suggestions from me is my idea of heaven. I can’t really describe what it does to me.

We kissed long and deep. He told me not to move as he went to the drawer and retrieved 2 wands. He applied one wand set to continuously vibrate to my plug, sending shivers through me. The other wand was applied to my cage. Every time I would get close, he removed that wand. My cock was bulging against its tube as he edged me over and over again.

I kept kissing him as hard as I could. My cock was as hard as it’s prison would allow. I kept getting close and Tripp kept teasing me and backing off at the last moment. Finally, as I was getting close yet again, Tripp whispered “come for me, cowboy” in my ear. I blew all over Tripp, the carpet, and my boots. Tripp scooped the come off my boots with his fingers and placed them in my mouth. I licked them greedily. We kissed again and again.

He freed my wrists and I pulled him to me as we kissed. My plug started to want to come out. I can keep a plug in all day, but once I come, my body involuntarily tries to push it out. I told Tripp and he told me it was staying in and just to ride it out. He put a leash on me and led me downstairs. We laid on the couch together, my wrists still in restraints, leash on my collar, plug in my ass, and my newly christened boots on my feet while Tripp played with my nips. He told me the next time he was going to fuck me in those boots. I spent the rest of the night dreaming of that and straining against my cage.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

2 thoughts on “New Boots

  1. Wow. Simply wow. Tripp in Dom mode is certainly a force to be reckoned with. His whisper in your ear…..reminds me of his whisper at New Year (very very sexy!) Lucky you, LD

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  2. Hello Doc, Like you i’m in to Boots as well. My First Cowboy Boots I bought when I was about 18 – at that time it wasn’t easy to get them in Germany – and I Loved them 😉 But my real first Boots were a pair of Rubber waders and I adored them : it was terrific to me Not only to have Rubber on my feet But on my legs as well….😛

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