Keys to the Kingdom

Two men have keys to my cage, both for different reasons. Each has ownership of my cock. I’m locked because of Sir and kept locked thanks to Tripp, but honestly, holding the key is more a psychological than physical thing for me.

I’ve accepted that I’m a locked male. I’ve grown over time to desire being locked indefinitely. I feel wrong without my cage. I highly doubt I would unlock if I had the keys. In fact, I know I wouldn’t, because there have been a few times (usually travel related) where I have had them and have not been even remotely tempted to use them.

Sir has a key because He is the one who placed me in chastity and He wants to have the ability to torture my cock when we play if He so chooses. If there is some reason I need Sir to unlock me, He demands I ask Him to unlock me and He does not let me touch the key or my privates. He controls everything. Other than a couple of times where cage removal was necessary, He hasn’t actually ever unlocked me. He likes His slave caged, and He seems to get plenty of pleasure out of torturing other parts of my anatomy. My uncaged cock just doesn’t interest Him very much and that is just fine by me.

Where the key would go

Tripp has the key for an entirely different reason; because I need him to have it. I need him to exert ownership and control over my cock. It’s what drives me towards being locked. I need him to decide if and when I get pleasure. I need him to deny me. It’s a deep need inside me, to have my cock and all things associated with it controlled. Keeping the keys in his possession and hidden from me makes me swoon. It turns me on. Dreaming about it makes me hard. Being locked BY someone is far more erotic than just being locked. I want that. I need that. I need my cock to be owned.

Initially, I kept the keys as I was getting used to the cage. Not too longer after, I remember falling to my knees in front of him, presenting the keys to him, and asking him to never let me have them again. I vividly remember the first day I wore my cage without having the keys with me and how exciting that was. From that point on, Tripp has kept my keys hidden away somewhere that I am unaware of, until one week a few months ago. I found my keys just laying around on the counter. They were left there for days. Each day I saw them, I got more peeved. I finally asked Tripp about them, and he told me he forgot. He forgot. To me, that’s like he forgot that he owns my dick. I need my dick owned and I want him to take pleasure in owning it. Seeing the keys left around made me feel like it was an afterthought, and I admit I got angry about it.

I don’t want to self lock. I want to be locked and be kept locked by him. I know that Tripp isn’t perfect and that what he wants to do with my cock and what I wish he would do aren’t always the same thing. I shouldn’t have gotten upset, but I did. There it is, I said it. I’m not whining, I just wanted him to be as serious about my genital incarceration as I am. I don’t want to feel like I’m making him do this (okay, a little whining). I want him to want to do it, and usually I think he does, except then. I know this whole chastity adventure wasn’t his idea, and he’s had to adjust, but this is something we are doing together. But here’s the thing I need to remember: Tripp can be sadistic, but he is not a sadist. He will never treat my cock like Sir does, no matter how much I might want it, and that’s okay, because I love him.

Anyway, the keys went back in their hiding place and Tripp has told me that I am still and always will be his locked boy. I’d love it if he would wear my key around his neck like I wear his collar, but Tripp doesn’t do jewelry. It’s just really important to me that he wants to lock me. I know I’m more into it than he is. I know he doesn’t think about my cock as much as I do. I’ve made my peace with that. I just don’t want to be an afterthought. It’s incredibly important to me that we do this together, since that was the point (well, mostly. I do just like having my dick in a cage).

With everything that’s going on, it seems ridiculous that this would have affected me so much. I guess when the world is out of control, the parts we can control take on added meaning. It also tells me how important being locked by him is to me, because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been a big deal at all.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

One thought on “Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Truth is, I think for most of us, *we* think about being locked about 8,000% more than than those who hold our keys. It’s easy for them to forget. It’s impossible for us to forget. Especially if we’re always locked and it’s not a situational thing.

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