We all have sexual dreams and fantasies, and I have my share. One of my biggest fantasies came (mostly) true; to be a slave to a Master. In my head, I’d be a 24/7/365 slave, not the part time slave I am, but what I do have is pretty damn good. I’m not sure I could really be a full time slave, but then again, maybe I could. The other dream that has completely come true is to be locked 24/7/365. I always wondered what that would be like and if I could really do it, and now I know. It’s amazing and I can totally do it, because I am doing it.

I think most fantasies are better in your head than in reality. Still, there are some I’d love to see happen. Almost all of mine involve groups of men using me. One in particular has me strapped down to a rotating table with my ass hanging off one end and my face off the other. There are 10 or so men standing around the table and as I am rotated, their cocks are placed in my mouth and ass. As each pair comes in me, I’m rotated to the next. I get hard just thinking about it, which I suppose is the point.

Another one is a kidnap fantasy. I’m abducted and knocked out only to wake up bound, hooded and gagged in a cell with a massive (as in the biggest you can imagine and then add 10%) plug in my ass. My captors are unknown, but as I rouse, I am taken by them to a dungeon where I am forced to please them. I can’t see them but I can smell the leather they wear and the musk of the cocks, pits, and asses I am forced to serve. The only water I get is their piss and the only food is their come. Eventually, after they are done with me, I’m left by the roadside, well used, naked, locked, and still plugged.

As you can tell, most of my fantasies involve me being used, but not all. I have one where I am the leather clad dungeon master selecting boys to either serve or be put to work doing manual labor. They have to prove to me they are worth serving or they get sent to the mines, so to speak. I test them by whipping them or otherwise torturing them. My Top self has fantasies as well.

These are jerk off stuff (not that I can jerk off anymore), and I highly doubt they would be as enjoyable in reality as they are in my mind. In my head, my knees don’t get stiff after I’ve been kneeling for hours, plugs don’t irritate, nothing hurts (except what’s supposed to) etc. Still, I’d take them as an idea to build a real experience around. Maybe it’s not the literal fantasy, but it’s first cousin. I’d like to experience something similar, if not exact.

My fantasies mostly serve to get me hard in my cage. I can’t jerk off anymore, but I still have them and I enjoy the desire they create in me. Even though I can’t come from them, I still want them to come true (mostly). Interestingly, I’m locked in all my fantasies. I suppose that’s just how my brain sees me now. I have a lot more that I won’t go into, but you get the gist. So clearly, fantasy plays more of a role than just to jerk off to, because I have them fairly often. In fact, since I’ve been locked, I’ve had some of the most vivid sex dreams of my life. My cock may be benched, but my brain is as active as ever.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

One thought on “Fantasies

  1. Hello Doc, fantasies are great!👍 With me it’s always with Rubber ! Locked and plugged and hooded. Sometimes puppy-play or Kidnapping-scenes with straightjacket and Gags. I get hard while writing this – thank God I’m locked….😉🤗


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