7 days. 7 fucking days unlocked. 7 days of feeling wrong. 7 days of, if not quite being in hell, then being hell-adjacent.

As you may recall, I was wounded by the Kink3D designs cage. I’m not blaming their product. I’m blaming myself, completely. Ever since I had to unlock, I’ve watched the wound like a hawk. Each day I’d check to see how much it had improved and that maybe, just maybe, I could be locked again the next day.

Not wanting a repeat, I promised myself (and those interested parties) that I would wait until it completely healed. I probably would have been okay around day 5, as it no longer hurt, but it was still scabbed. So I waited. Finally, 7 days later, I was healed.

I jumped in the shower and oh so carefully shaved my balls of the hair that had accumulated. I retrieved the werks from the cage drawer. Yes, I have a drawer basically dedicated to chastity devices (and yes, the OG cb2000 is in there). The Steelwerks then came out of its velvet bag (really it should be in a leather bag, if you ask me). As I squeezed my balls and then stuffed my cock through the base ring, I began to feel like myself again. One the cage slid on, the PA was locked, and the cage screws tightened, I was whole again.

I’m pleased to say I was not ever tempted to play with my unlocked cock. In the past, I think it would have been hard to resist. Yeah, it got hard (the cock), but I didn’t touch it. Not once. It wouldn’t be right. It doesn’t belong to me anymore. It would be a betrayal of trust. Any orgasm I might be allowed is not to be by my hand. Honestly, I can’t remember the last orgasm I had. I think I was allowed one late last year, but I don’t really even track them anymore. If they want to me have one, they’ll give me one, and they don’t seem to feel any need. That’s fine by me, because the longer you aren’t allowed to orgasm, the easier it is to not have them. Sounds ironic, but it’s true, at least for me.

I don’t want to masturbate anymore. To be completely honest, there are occasional days I wish I could. However, I much prefer any orgasm (if there’s to be one for me) to be caged, and those orgasm to come from bdsm play, and for me not to have any say about if it happens or not. I much prefer giving other’s orgasms. Mine, if they happen, are secondary. Though, if I do get to come from being plowed or having my other bits worked over, we’ll that’s just fine and dandy. I don’t expect it, but it happens sometimes.

I’ve already swapped out the base ring on the Kind3d for the larger one, and I can always wear the Evotion 8, though I find it difficult to put on (but very comfortable and secure for long term wear) should the need to go through TSA arise. Until then, I’ll be securely #lockedinwerks.


Published by Locked Doc

Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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