Disciplinary Action

I never intended to be locked in a Steelwerks Schandemask. I knew about them. I know a few people who own one, but the idea of me having one was not on my radar, not even remotely. I purposely don’t use the word own, because while I might have bought them, my cages, like my cock, don’t belong to me. However, when my bkf (best kink friend) decided to part with his, I was presented with the opportunity to obtain a pre-owned one. He gave it to me to try. The only issue was my 0 gauge PA did not fit through it. Chris (owner and artisan at Steelwerks) modified it and I spent a few days with it on in the traditional manner and decided it might be a nice addition to my collection.

If your unfamiliar, the Schandemask (not unlike the now popular Crucible) is a cage that is designed to be worn without a base ring. Essentially it has a very narrow entry and a wider head, to isolate part of the shaft and head of your cock. Anchored with a locked PA, it’s quite effective and is a nice option for when you’re wearing tight gear since your cock can move about all the while still being “locked”. In its intended form, it’s a lightweight minimalist piece of chastity gear that keeps you locked but lets you swing free. Basically, it’s a titanium helmet for your dick.

Schandemask as seen on Steelwerks website

Getting it on is a bit of a task due to the marked narrowness. I’d guess the opening is 30% narrower than my standard cages. I can’t tell you exactly as I’m currently very securely locked in it (we will get to that in a bit), but the diameter of the opening is less than that of my flaccid penis. There’s a lot of lube and a lot of squeezing, turning, and swearing involved. It’s also a little more difficult to maintain as there is almost no way to get a swab in between my flesh and the tube in my current situation. I’ve figured out a series of manipulations that allow it, but it’s nowhere as easy as the Anatomic or the curved Tiffany.

The one I’m in has a bit of a twist. It has a flange that mates with the base ring from my other werks devices and converts it into a very restrictive device. It’s actually borderline evil (in the most sadistically wonderful way). It was decided a few weeks ago that I needed to spend some time in it with the Schande locked down to the ring. After all, if I have it, it should be used, no? The experience has been quite “interesting”. I can see this being used for discipline. It’s tight and it’s short. You cannot get a hard on in it when it’s locked down to the base ring as the narrowest portion is at the bottom where it meets the ring and is basically a vice. The base of the cage squeezes tight enough to prevent the rest from getting hard for the most part (not completely, but significantly). When worn without a base ring, you get this weird 2/3 hard on where the last 1/3 of my cock is squeezed but the rest of the shaft is hard. Locked to the ring, fuggedaboutit. It’s also much shorter than my other cages (and their contents), so when it’s locked down, it’s a very small cage. After all, it’s original design is intended to cover the head and the top of the shaft. Basically, the contents are squeezed and what isn’t is pushed inside me. I can see using this device to train a sub not to get erections. Erections are uncomfortable at best.

Attached to the base ring

The genius of this device is that it’s supremely isolating. I could never get off without stimulation of the frenulum area near the head (not that I’m allowed to get off, but when I was, that’s how I work). The head of this cage is much wider than the base, leaving that part of my anatomy completely isolated. There’s no amount of pulling, pushing, vibrating, or any variation thereof that will transmit any sensation. None. Zero. Zip. The sensitive parts are virtually isolated, while the rest is constantly squeezed. I want to feel something, anything in the glans, but it prevents it. I can’t get off in any of my cages, but I can feel the content’s head at least touching the cage. Not so much here, and it’s exceedingly frustrating. I suppose that’s the point.

Schandemask is named after a medieval device used to shame and punish people who misbehaved. I think this device is appropriately named (especially when locked to the ring). If I’m in tight gear, the standard Schande is quite comfortable. However, with just that small addition of the flange it goes from minimalist “Camp Cupcake” to maximum security “SuperMax” prison. If (and when) I need to be disciplined, this is the cage for it. After all, I can be a very bad boy. 😉


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