Six Degrees of Drew

I’ve been a kinkster since before I knew what sex was. I’ve had kink relationships and friendships most of my adult life (once I got over the shame of being not only kinky, but gay, which was a real struggle for me). I lost most of my original tribe to HIV in the 90’s. But lately, almost all of my kink related connections somehow seem to be a nexus with @DualDrew smack in the middle of it. It makes me wonder if I’ve become some weird kink stalker, but in reality, it just sort of happened in the small world of kink and chastity in the age of Twitter. You’ve heard of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Well this is my Six Degrees of Drew.

About 3 or 4 years ago, as I sat miserably with my sex life with Tripp slowly dying as he couldn’t bottom much anymore, and with Sir wanting me locked, and with me wanting me locked and not knowing how to broach that subject with Tripp, I found Thumper’s blog (denyingThumper) on the internet. His was the first blog that struck a chord with me and he was a great source of hope and strength for me. To be fair, the only blog I knew of at that time was “Julie and Julia”. I’ve not yet met Thumper in real life. We were supposed to grab lunch when he was in LA, but that didn’t work out, much to my disappointment (bad Thumper). But I knew of Thumper before I knew of Drew, and I found DualDrew’s blog when he started humping and generally abusing the rabbit. I started to read Drew’s blog and immediately felt an even stronger resonance.

I sent Drew a note on Twitter because he had connections with Steelwerks and I wanted one of their cages (I was locked about a year by then I think). Drew and I messaged back and forth and eventually exchanged phone numbers. We seemed to be kindred spirits. He got me hooked up with the kinky artists at Steelwerks. Funny thing is that I had contacted them before, many years ago about a cage, but never pursued it past a few emails. Over time, I somehow ended up with Chris’s personal phone number as well (I believe that comes with a minimum of a 2 cage order, along with an Eggroll) and have found they both are wickedly kinky and wickedly funny, and we have enjoyed a few conversations and many text exchanges and a few laughs regarding all things penis. So now I’ve got Thumper who I Twitter chat with (to be fair, I knew of Thumper first, but didn’t reach out to him until I already was chatting with Drew), Drew, and the artisans at Steelwerks in my little kink circle of people I feel at least some connection to. Not the type of connection Drew has, but one nonetheless. Connection enough to share non-kink stuff and be Facebook friended and yes, I know everyone’s real name and face.

As the Pandemic started, Drew and I and Jockdgear started doing a few FaceTime Happy Hours. Drew had recently reconnected with his “kink whisperer” and thought we would get along. Jockd thought I looked awfully familiar. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that we dated 25 years ago, right about the same time he and Drew dated. Another connection with Drew somehow in the middle (though neither Drew nor I knew each other back then).

Now, I’m texting with his boy Jack. We seem to also be kindred spirits and he has apparently taken over primary Doc plugging duties. Let’s recap: Thumper, the Steelwerks folks, Jockd, and Jack, all tied into connecting with Drew.

Recently, I got a Twitter message from someone in Australia who likes my blog (I get some lovely messages from time to time, which I adore because someone has actually read my posts and felt something that resonates enough to contact me). Being someone who pretty much always responds to messages, we started to chat. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was Drew’s friend/Sir “Jeep”. I guessed pretty quickly, because Drew has told me about his adventures Down Under, but most of the men he knows there are subs and this man was definitely giving off serious Dominant vibes. Something in my subconscious said “OMG, this must be Jeep”. I enjoyed that conversation, and he was definitely giving me that “weak in the knees” feeling as far as the exuding of natural dominance. It started off with the typical “I like your blog” and somehow ended up with “Sir”and “boy” being tossed around. Normally, someone who goes there that fast sets off all kinds of alarm bells. I mean, it’s rather presumptuous to start acting like I’m your boy halfway into a Twitter DM, but Drew’s known him for years and isn’t emotionally scarred or axe-murdered, so I figured I could let my guard down. I ended up with a very tight cage.

Now I’ve got a network of people with whom I feel some connection with, all of them from connecting with Drew. He’s not my kink whisperer, but he seems to be my kink LinkedIn. The biggest difference I think is that Drew is far more extroverted than I am. I don’t make friends easily, but those I do are usually friends for life. It’s hard for me though, to be completely honest and if I hadn’t sent Drew that initial message, I’d probably never have gotten to know these people.

Just FYI: my friend’s therapist is Kevin Bacon’s mother-in-law, so I’m only 3 Degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Stay safe and stay well


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Middle aged switch reclaiming his kink and exploring Bdsm with both his husband and his Master. Always locked.

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